* sunny days and a special birthday …

Posted on April 1st, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I cannot remember any point in my 41 years on this earth that I have ever been more happy to see Spring arrive!  My work week is over, I am thankful for my vacation day tomorrow, it’s been a busy week at work and at home.  This afternoon, not a thing to do … I am also thankful for the small things, like, having nothing to do on a beautiful afternoon.

Richard and I spent some time playing in the yard with our 3 canine kids.  I think they are as excited it’s getting warmer out doors as I am … it was a long cold winter for the non house dogs. 


She didn’t realize I was taking her picture, if she had, she would have turned her head, she’s camera shy!

Look at those cheeks … he looks like a squirrel who has been storring up nuts for the winter.  The flop & drool all over the place, yuck!

Dog pile!

I hope you enjoyed our first 80 degree day since last September.  I hope you got to spend some time out side doing something you enjoy.  I hope you have a wonderful Friday, whether you are working or vacationing. 

Before I go, I just want to say happy 1st birthday to miss Bailey … we are glad you are part of our lives, we love you to pieces.

I’m so sorry you got stuck with all of us for the rest of your entire life …

thank goodness you go with the flow and just join the crazy dance we call life around here. 


One Comment on “* sunny days and a special birthday …”

  1. Frannie....

    I am sorry to say I am not so happy about the hot weather. I think I am allergic to sweat.

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