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Posted on April 13th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

Finally, it’s second Tuesday and I got to go eat at PJ’s with the Bentleys!  woohoo!  I am however likely to turn in to a hush puppy at the stroke of midnight.  I once again woofed down ate way too many hush puppies, well that is if you count 4321 too many.  My tummy hurts.  I’m a bit baffled as to how anyone with one ounce of southern blood in their body could pass up a basket full of greasy, deep fried, oblong chunks of cornbread … it would simply be a sin to do so. 

The thought of good fried food of course leads me to a mamawism …

Every week for as long as I can remember, my mamaw fixed Sunday lunch for our family.  Sometimes we were all there, sometimes not, but either way, she cooked.  Whatever she cooked was good.  With the single exception of the pumpkin pie that she made after the loss of her eyesight … she made the pie and instead of using cinnamon she used chili powder, upon some brave soul mentioning to her that the pie tasted a bit odd, she quickly informed us to shut the blankity blank up and eat the blankity blank pie and stop whining.  It is the one and only time in my life that I have ever turned down a piece of pie. 

I loved hearing my mama tell about when she and daddy first got married and the pecking order of the lunch line at my mamaw’s house.  Here is how it went:  the women cooked, never the men that I can recall.  Mamaw hollared that lunch was ready, Papaw asked the blessing and then it happened … the men, as a rule, got in line first, then the kids and then the women.  I can clearly remember one Sunday afternoon coming home from Mamaw’s, after going over the no cussing rule once again on the .02 mile ride home, and my mother announcing to my father that she would no longer be following the food line rules at Mamaw’s house!  Thad and I ran.  I should explain that if my parents ever argued, which I’m sure they did, Thad and I were never privy to it, ever, and we saw no reason for sticking around for the disaster that was about to implode in our house.  My mama vocally stating that she and I quote “would no longer be eating a chicken wing as opposed to a big fat breast simply because she was a woman” was somewhat akin to her taking off her bra and burning it on the courthouse lawn at high noon during superior court week.  Ooops.  I think my daddy was speechless.  Being caught in the middle of a disagreement between my mamaw and my mama is not a place I would want to find myself.  But he is a smooth fellow … way smarter than your average bear.  He just said “ok, next time get in line with the men Joy”.  Disaster avoided.  No wonder he made a living convincing criminals to confess, he’s good.  Now, my mama had to be thinking, she was always thinking … if she did get in line with the men, would it cause an uprising?  would the other sisters or sister in laws flog her?  would mamaw banish her to the hinter lands?  Alas, I would never know the answer.  For you see, as much as my mama may not have wanted to eat the piddly leftover chicken parts, she loved and respected my daddy, my mamaw and her family enough not to ever rock that boat even if it took every bit of tongue biting skill she had.  Over the years, we integrated our Sunday lunch line and everybody got an equal turn at the big fat chicken breast, without ever once having a lunch line show down in the middle of mamaw’s kitchen. 

moral of the story:  sometimes even when you don’t especially like or agree with something, it may be best for the greater good of all to just be patient and it will all work itself out in the end with no hurt feelings. 


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  1. Marjorie Markham

    Yep, that is so right. ITs even something we try to teach kids at school. We try to teach them to walk away and keep their mean words to themselves rather then make a big deal over something that doesn’t really matter yet could cause them consequences. Your mom was a smart lady.

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