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Posted on April 18th, 2010 by melinda in the chronicles of gardening

Our new garden (bigger and better) planter bed

And this truck load of stuff …

I guess technically some of them are now hung up and some are planted.  All of these are at dad’s house.  Hopefully they will be in full bloom by the time prom roles around so we can take some pretty pictures of the kids all dressed up.

The girls and I had a good time spending the day with daddy (better known as bapa) working hard to get his porch all ready for summer time. 

They both created their own flower pots from the variety of plants we bought.  They are quite the little horticulturist divas. 

That is … until it comes to raw horse doo doo.  At that point in time, Chrisi is done, she’s out.  Anna, well I am sad to say, Anna has no qualms about handling horse poop, especially if it means she gets to torture her sister in the process.  Ahhh, sisterly love.  (I am so very thankful I have a brother)!

After the stuff was all finished up at dad’s house, Anna and I came back up to our house and planted our garden.  I should clarify that Anna actually did most of the work.

I hope I have a chance to take some pictures of the finished projects tomorrow.  The flowers are really pretty and we need a good starting point over on blooming idiots.  If any of you are interested in participating this year, I would love to get it started back up, I just need some pictures. 

ps:  just as a non related side note here,  if you happen to get a chance today, please say a prayer for Chrisi, she is having some test done tomorrow and we are praying for a possitive result.  thank you.


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