* seriously, I’m shocked …

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Holy electro shock therapy bat man … I nearly did myself in today!  I should know better than to try to be productive after a long day in court.  I should just come home, sit down and do nothing, but nooo, I decided today would be a great day to catch up on some much needed mowing of our clover yard.   I nabbed the, now hood less, neighborhood lawnmower and set about the business of coiffing our yard, which holds a close resemblance to our horse pasture.  So there I am, peacefully tooling around our yard, minding my own business and the grass catcher bag thinga ma bob indicates that the bags are full of grass and need to be emptied.  I pull right over to the fence, our horses love when we mow, to empty out the fresh cut grass to the horses.  Because I am smarter than your average village idiot bear I realize the electric fence is on … so I carefully throw the first bag over without incident.  The second bag, not so much … the second bag involved mucho pain for yours truly.  I hurled it up over the fence and it landed squarely on top of the electric fence.  This may not have been so bad except for the fact that the top of the grass catching bag is a band of metal.  Did y’all know metal and electric fences are great conductors of electricity?  Well, they are.  I looked like Frankenstein for about 30 seconds.  I swear I think smoke came out of my nose and ears.  My hair stood straight up on end and I may have even yelled loudly, to no avail.  To be honest, I screamed like a little ninnie girl.  My hand still hurts!  I think I pee’d my pants even, not really but I wanted to. 

I seriously think tomorrow I will come home and be lazy … it’s much safer.


5 Comments on “* seriously, I’m shocked …”

  1. Amanda Lail

    I remember doing that as a child and getting put on my fanny crying only to have my Dad stand there and laugh at me! My hand curls up into a ball to this day every time I hear the words “electric fence”.

  2. Tammy G

    I don’t know who’s life is more exciting yours or mine. Today I went to help(work for) my new friends (Goo’s dog tradeing buddies). I noticed that the water for the horses was low, I went to turn on the spicket when I noticed a horse w/ something not so normal hanging out its backside. It was a colt. Long story made short the birth involed – rope, toyota truck, the neighbor who is about 100 yrs old. The colt was stillborn but the mother was doing fine when I left. I thought I had seen everything,

  3. Tammy G

    Let me know if you are able to start reading minds or develop super powers, hey you never know.

  4. Marjorie Markham

    Being a city girl not sure I would even be able to tell if the fence is an electric one. Guess I better do like Jurassic Park and throw a stick on it first.

  5. eric

    Look on the bright side. You wasn’t jumping it and caught your back leg on it and had to have your cousin push you really, really hard to get you over.

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