* how I got hitched to a caveman …

Posted on May 18th, 2010 by melinda in making marriage work


It occurred to me while pursuing down the right side bar of our blog that I haven’t updated this particular category in a while or any other category for that matter.  I am happy to report that I am still happily married.  I’ll have to ask Richard and get back with y’all on his opinion concerning the happy part, but he is still married too. 

In fact, we are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary  later on this week.  I think we will have been married 7 years this year.  I’ll have to check with Cathy on that and get back to you about that too, but I am pretty sure it’s been 7 years. 

While were on the subject of my wedding day, I think I’ll just take a minute and tell you all about it, mostly because a minute is about all it will take.  Let’s start with our engagement … we were engaged approximately 18 hours.  Yes, hours.  Not months, years or days … hours.  To clarify that a bit, we had dated for many years prior to our engagement, lived together for a good part of those years (which again, I do not under any circumstances recommend) and the poof out of the blue he popped the question on a Thursday night out of the blue.  Actually, he and the girls popped the question.  He asked them first, then they all 3 asked me to get hitched up and be a real family.  Plus my former boss took great pleasure in reminding me daily, sometimes hourly, that I needed to stop piling up and make an honest woman out of myself.  Which was, in my opinion, his nice way of saying “stop living like a ho and get married or I’m gonna have to fire your big butt”  I really needed my job.  Homeless is not the way to go in my estimation.  So, Richard and the girls ask me to get married, after I regained consciousness,  I asked when they would like to make this whole marriage thing happen and Richard says and I quote “tomorrow after work will work fine, I think Cathy’s working this week, she can do it”.  I was like what the crap?  You want me to marry you, tomorrow, at the courthouse, which also happens to be my place of employment, by the magistrate who also happens to be my bff?  He looked at me as if this may have been an unusual response to his whole proposal thing and simply said “ya, that works”.  I said umkay, if it works for you I guess it works for me.  The bigger obstacle was this … we didn’t tell another soul, other than Cathy, because I did want to make sure she could do the wedding ceremony, which as it turned out, she could.  She’s so handy.  We call Richard’s parents and ask them to meet us at my work to go out to dinner for his dad’s birthday, which is the day prior to our anniversary.  This didn’t seem odd to them at the time, of course they also didn’t know that their future daughter in law was ensnaring them in a trap either.  They are much more specific and hesitant about making plans with us now days.  You would think they might have gotten over that in 7 or so years, but nope, they still want specific details before they agree to come anywhere we invite them.  I have to laugh when I think about my mother in laws reaction.  She was a bit miffed.  Turns out, she doesn’t like crowds or surprises at all.  I found this out first hand.  My mom was a little confused, but it did explain why the girls made her stop at the flower dept. of the local grocery store on the way to meet us all for dinner.  They were some sneaky little cusses. 

to be continued … (up next, my fancy wedding dress)!


8 Comments on “* how I got hitched to a caveman …”

  1. Michele

    I remember this day like it was yesterday, man does time fly. I’m glad things all worked out and 7 years later you are still happily married. Happy early Anniversary!!!

  2. melinda

    Ha! and please let me point out that I also remember that you and Greg were never getting married … and if I recall correctly, you my friend, still owe me a steak! I even remember when we made that bet … we were walking on the pier at the beach, it was a beautiful breezy night and we were talking about what a beautiful place it would be to get married, talk about time flying!

  3. cathy brown

    It will be 7 yrs….Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  4. Bobbi

    Happy Anniversary, sorry I won’t be here to tell you in person or help sing to you Sunday morning. Be sure to do something special to celebrate!! We love you guys!! All four of you!! Bobbi, Kevin & CAleb

  5. Tammy G

    Happy Anniversary too you both.

  6. chrisi

    mawmaw null was so mad. i specifically recall that…
    happy anniversary :)

  7. Marjorie Markham

    Ohhhh how sweet. Happy Anniversary.

  8. Wendy

    Have a great Anniversary! So glad you found your “Forever” Caveman!
    Glad we’re fam!

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