* summer afternoons at the petting zoo …

Posted on June 5th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I really love summer afternoons.  I work in somewhat of a cave like environment all day … our office is in the basement of the courthouse.  We have the small like 2 x 2 windows that circle around the top of our office space but about all you can see is the bottom of the shrubs planted around the courthouse.  I can see about 1/3 of a tree and part of a brick store front across the street.  Other than that, I spend my days looking at bluish prison gray cement walls, faded manila and gray colored filing cabinets and my computer screen.  I have tried my best to surround my little personal area with a bulletin board and walls full of pictures, notes, coloring book pages and anything else my children and others graciously leave for me. 

The upside of my office space is this … I enjoy nature so much more when I get to be out side.  Especially when it’s a beautiful breezy afternoon.  I flip the top back on mini and drive home in much anticipation of finding something constructive to do out side.  My version of constructive typically includes laying in my grass while Dozer romps over me like I’m a trampoline.  Listen, the dog needs his exercise … it’s constructive I tell ya!

I love Dozer.  He is my dog.  My buddy.  Richard, he doesn’t love Dozer so much.  It isn’t mutual though, Dozer still loves Richard and tries his best to make Richard pay him attention.  Sometimes Richard forgets he dislikes Dozer and plays with him on accident, and then Dozer comes running back to his mama all full of self pride, like he just snuck a big one over on Richard.  It’s really very funny to watch him.  How could you not love this dog? 

I mean even if he tried to eat you … It’s not like he really meant to.  Ok, he did really mean to but he’s sorry, he won’t do it again, he promises.  Bacon wrappers are serious business!

Sadie had to have a talk with Richard after he was brazen enough to actually play with Dozer and Tulsa in the yard the other afternoon.  She wasn’t happy about it.  She can be such a diva sometimes.  (do not under any circumstances tell Richard that I called her a diva or me and Dozer may be living at your house). 

Oh bless … how sad is that?  I think we may be well on our way to another dog intervention around these parts.  What is it with the men and their dogs around here?  I think it must be some freaky curse or something! 

And just for good measure, I feel obligated to throw in a picture of Tulsa.  You know … Anna’s dog, that is not really Anna’s dog, the dog that is now ours, that we feed, love, play with and take care of … that dog.

She is such a doof ball.  She is so easy and fun loving, she just loves attention, any attention from anybody, she isn’t picky unlike the other two who are very “parent particular” … nope not her, you pet her, she’s your bud for life.  Unlike our other two canine kids, she will actually chase a ball and bring it right back to you.  Sadie runs after a ball, looks at it, leaves it and comes back to Richard.  Dozer watches Richard throw the ball, says screw you buddy, I am not running after that thing, I am cool chilling in my mama’s lap, but hey thanks for the thought, maybe next time.  

Summer afternoons are wonderful here at the petting zoo.  You just never know what may be going on.  Dogs chasing horses, horses chasing dogs.  Kittens climbing on trees and dogs running from mama cats who like to hiss and scratch.  I’m still waiting patiently on my chickens.  One day I’m going to have some chickens!  Until then, I guess I will just enjoy the myriad of wildlife we already have and love. 

just one more of my favorite for the road …

I couldn’t help myself, he is just to sweet and cuddly and handsome, plus I don’t have to cook for him or wash his dirty underwear.


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  1. chrisi

    love the picture of tulsa!

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