* retirement sucks …

Posted on June 7th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

Just so y’all know, I’m about over this whole daddy going to visit Thad thing we’ve got going on around here.  I’ve been home from camping for an entire week now and I do believe it’s high time he found his way back over the mountain and thru the woods to our house.  It’s really not working out for me.  Besides, I think they are ready for him to leave … they don’t appear to be having one bit of fun.

Nope, not one tiny itty bitty bit of fun is being had.  Can’t you see how sad he is?  I feel bad for him just looking at the torture they are putting him through.  I should be calling social services, don’t they have some sort of adult protection services?  I’m going to look up the number right now.  Brb.

It only gets worse from here.  The manual labor.  The trudgery of being at their house is wearing on him, I can tell.  I’m feeling very very bad for him right now.  Oh the daily grind is rough being retired, I’m not sure how he is surviving.

Well, maybe they did let him take a little break.  I bet my brother and Brad are kicked back on the porch, sipping lemonade in their pajama’s while daddy and Emma Joy do all the work around the farm!  Bless um.  I think we should vote … here are your options:

#1. daddy saves Emma Joy and brings her home to our house for some much needed rest and relaxation.

please cast your vote below … feel free to choose whichever option you think should apply.


5 Comments on “* retirement sucks …”

  1. Marjorie Markham

    This is hilarious! I can’t wait for my kids to miss me as much as you miss your daddy. Come to think of it…..I haven’t seen him in awhile, guess I can miss him too. Now he has at least 2 other women missing him…think he will come home now?

  2. Thad Bentley

    Dare I tell everyone about the stunt you tried to pull last night? Let me just say that big tears don’t work as well over the phone. Daddy is doing just fine and I think we will keep him around a while longer.

    As for my vote, its #2. Daddy stays in TN as long as he wants!

  3. melinda

    i have no clue what you are talking about … i plead the 5th.

  4. chrisi

    looks like he is having a great time! however, i do miss him here at the home front…. :)

  5. Courtney

    This is so precious. It looks like he’s having a pretty nice time.

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