* my very first canning party ever …

Posted on June 17th, 2010 by melinda in the chronicles of gardening

Just a quick update on the girls pickle night canning party on the Devil’s Track … I think it went splendidly well.  I had a great time learning how to can bread and butter pickles, not to mention all the good stuff I got to taste that Penny and Randy have already been busy canning and freezing.  As far as I know, the pickles are great.  I had to come home before the lids officially popped but unless there has been some unforseen turn for the worst in the last 15 minutes, our first batch of pickles are well on their way to being delicious. 

If nothing else, Chrisi had a great time sneaking in on the party and completely devouring the entire container of freezer pickles that Penny had made earlier.  I seriously mean the girl ate every. last. one. and I’m fairly certain she would’ve drunk the juice if we wouldn’t have all been looking.  They were some good pickles.  If I can beg, borrow or steal the recipe from Penny, I will post it.  It sounded very simple to make and they were absolutely scrumptious.

I am off to finish packing for our weekend mother/daughter road trip to Tenn. to visit my dad for father’s day since he hasn’t been able to escape his evil captors as of yet. 

And someone should tell my brother that if he just so happens to get a cell phone pick of me in the kitchen canning stuff, his reaction should not be “I didn’t know Randy knew how to use photoshop well enough to photoshop a picture of my sister being so domesticated”!   just saying …

ps: I did take my camera to take pictures but the battery went dead as soon as I started to take the 1st one.  I seriously think I need a new battery for my camera, mine isn’t keeping a charge at all. 


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