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Posted on June 22nd, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

During our trip to Tenn. to recapture the flag my father, I was forced to spend some quality time with my little brother.  That’s a joke, we really do enjoy hanging out together, plus it saves us like 15 phone calls per day when we are at the same location.

While I was there (the girls were there too, not just me) Thad and I decided it would be fun and delicious, mostly the delicious part, to attempt making some PW cinnamon rolls.  Cause, I just don’t have quite enough fat on my behind to suit me, no matter that you could pitch a tent back there and have a nice camp out … kinda like a mountain ledge.  Just saying. 

It should have been a clue to us that when the recipe starts with an entire quart of whole milk and 9 cups of flour, that it may yield an abundance of ooeey gooeey sticky cinnamon rolls.  That’s not even mentioning the pound or ten of butter that goes in those bad boys.  Anyway, we ventured onward toward heavenly bliss.  You can do the same if you just click right on that link up there, you will send me kisses and hugs and your bill for weight watchers.

Ah ha! A rare picture of the two of us together (that he didn’t force me to dress up and go have made against my will).

There are several things I need to point out about this photo:

#1. it’s of me. which I try to never let happen.

#2. please ignore my rather muscular arms, I am on my way to throw that shirt away now.

#3. please notice the hiney ledge I mentioned earlier. 

#4. that would be Brad’s autographed edition of PW’s cookbook, not mine.  His is now covered in flour & sugar.  ooops.

#5. the case of water sitting on the bar behind the yummy dough will negate all of the calories in the cinnamon rolls.  it’s rocket science.



GOSH! (becky, look at her butt … sorry, I couldn’t resist)

And while we already had a messwere feeling all adventurous and bakery like … we decided to try the other variations and made some that had pecans in them and then made some that had orange marmalade instead of cinnamon.  My favorite were the pecan ones, I think Thad like the pecan best too … Chrisi definitely liked the orange the best.  I probably wouldn’t turn down any of them on any given day for any reason.


3 Comments on “* read at your own risk …”

  1. Jennifer

    Yikes that’s alot of roll!! Just wondering when you will be back and how much of that will fit in your suitcase?? I’m thinking that it needs to be in my mouth by tomorrow morning when I get my first cup of coffee :) ….. Looks like fun, will have to get the recipe for when I have to cook again for a small army!

  2. Marjorie Markham

    Reminds me of my mother doing that with left over pie crust. Looks yummy.

  3. Judy Hammer

    These are the best. I am glad I got to enjoy ont these. Better than bought.

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