* vacation is all I really wanted …

Posted on July 15th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Finally!  Some vacation pictures.  We really did have a great time, or at least I had a great time, the rest of the crew will have to chime in on their level of enjoyment …

We did a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing for 2 glorious weeks. 

We ate …

and fished …

and fished with what we ate … yuck!

I’m still not certain if one of the kiddos, chloe or a fish took a bite out of that hot dog and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know!

And speaking of things I really don’t want to know about …

#1. Michaels choice in attire.

#2. The undeniable fact that my daddy feeds my sister Janie home made ice cream off of my good spoon.

#3. That my youngest daughter has really bad manners, in public, with her mother, who took the picture.

#4. How Jimmy can sleep for hours laying at the pool full of noisy kids.

#5. And last of all … what on earth is Cat digging for in Anna’s laundry basket?  She is a brave woman I tell ya!  (plus this is the only picture of I have of her from vacation because my camera went dead right as I was about to take one of her and she laughed at me and walked off).

Come on back tomorrow night for lots more pictures, I still have a precious plenty of good ones to post!


2 Comments on “* vacation is all I really wanted …”

  1. cathy

    I had a great time….it just went way to fast. I guess I missed doing laundry (I really don’t remember what I was looking for). Jimmy can sleep through anything.

    • melinda

      i think you were looking for some toy bailey had dropped down in there and if you are still missing doing laundry, i have plenty to keep you busy, come on over!

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