* a tree grows in Tvegas …

Posted on July 19th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

I know I am suppose to be posting part 2 of our vacation pictures, and I will, I just haven’t gotten to it yet (I’ve either been very busy or very lazy, you pick which you think is likely more accurate).  Either way, I do have a picture for you … I will readily admit that I often have a somewhat warped sense of humor, but this picture cracks me up. 

It was taken Friday night at Baldy’s 60th birthday party at our town’s park.  We had a really fun time.  None of that is what makes this picture funny to me.  Let me share my vantage point of the photo with you …

a) In the picture are Chrisi, Chelsie and Anna. 

b) Anna being up a tree is really no big surprise.  On the other hand, Chrisi and Chelsie being up a tree is a huge surprise.  There was dirt and even a few bugs, they do not typically do dirt or bugs well.

c) It was Cathy’s idea for them to climb the tree to begin with.  Cathy’s mother, Louise, was not in favor of the tree climbing idea.  What you can’t see in the picture are the 15 adults standing around the bottom of the tree just in case one of them falls out.  I’m not sure what any adult may have done if one of the girls had come toppling down out of the tree on top of them except to maybe break their fall and donate some money to our local EMS after the ambulance hauled them away.

d) It gives a whole new meaning to the the definition of the phrase “three little monkey’s sitting in a tree”.

e) It also adds a twisted side note to the notion of “family tree”.  For instance,  Chrisi dates Jeff, who is Chelsie’s uncle, Anna dates Christopher, who is Chelsie’s cousin, which in turn makes Christopher Jeff’s nephew.  Jeff’s oldest sister is my bff Cathy, who also happens to be Christopher’s mama, who is married to his father Jimmy Brown, whom half the population worldwide thinks is the father of my children, which I might point out, he is not their biological father, but has for years been a significant father figure in their lives, they refer to him as their other dad, and Cathy as their other mother.  Which may not seem odd, except now, they are Anna’s boyfriends parents and Chrisi’s boyfriend’s sister and brother in law.  And then, as if that weren’t all confusing enough, Chelsie, who is in the middle and I did not give birth to, belongs to Cathy’s and Jeff’s sister Michele.  Michele is Anna’s boss, her boyfriends Aunt and also my good friend, plus we work at the same courthouse, where her husband Greg also works. 

You got all that sorted out?  Me neither, I’m tired now and I think I may hear banjo’s in the distance. 


9 Comments on “* a tree grows in Tvegas …”

  1. cathy

    You would almost think we were from Stony…All we need now is some nick names!!!!

  2. melinda

    i’ve heard an ugly rumor that one of us may actually be from stony … so, do you wanna be bubba or goo?

  3. eric

    Take me home West Virginia!

  4. Tammy G

    Girls are we dissing stony ~ us eastenders don’t take to kindly of that sort of thing ~ it takes a special person to live in the eastend of the county or at least one with special needs. As for people being up a tree in stony they would probably be getting away from something or someone. Girls have a Very Blessed Day

    • chrisi


  5. Uncle Robin

    What I was most afraid of that one of them would break a limb and somebody would be responsible for getting it fixed. Those tree doctors are very expensive. Plus I know someone would have to explain to my mother, who is your grandmother, and their great grandmother why they were allowed in the tree in the first place. Love all of you and I really think you should of had Emma Joy in the picture to really have made the story complicated.

  6. Michele

    FYI ERiC!!! We are not from West Virginia, ,maybe a little redneck though, just sayin!!! Nothing freaking going on here, just a close and loveable bunch that everyone loves to be part of!!!!

  7. katrina

    Melinda, This kinda sounds like my family tree at the courthouse too!

  8. Marjorie Markham

    I think I need a flow chart. LOL….no, really I do.

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