* chicken (salad) fight! …

Posted on September 1st, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

My daughters are not right in the head. 

The other night at my Mary Kay party, I was suppose to provide snacks.  Well, we did have snacks, kind of … my thinking was this:  most of my girl friends that were here would not have had time to go home, fix dinner and be at my house by 6:30.  I know I wouldn’t have.  So, I thought, why don’t we just have some fresh sliced deli meats, some fancy bread and so on … and that’s exactly what we had.  But, we also had some homemade chicken salad that yours truly made.  To be honest, I only made it because I had some thawed chicken in the fridge that was going to spoil if I didn’t do something with it and I am far to stingy to throw it out.  I don’t use a recipe for most thinks I cook and chicken salad is no exception … basically I just throw in what I like and if anyone else eats it that’s fine to … if not, more for me. 

After the party, there was some chicken salad left over.  Chrisi invited Jeff up to eat and there was still some left.  I put it in a handy dandy little plastic bowl with a lid that it took me approximately 20 minutes to dig out of my cabinet and stuck it in the fridge.  Chrisi mentions that she would like some to pack for her lunch, Anna chimes in that she wants some for her lunch too.  I didn’t really think a whole lot about it.  Anna made the mistake of going to bed prior to her sister leaving our house with said chicken salad in tow.  Not some chicken salad, all of the chicken salad.  Again, I didn’t think a thing about it. 

The next day around lunch time I was working away at my desk and my cellular mobile device rings and Anna’s name pops up.  I answered and this is what I hear: 

Anna: MOM! what did you do with the chicken salad, it’s not in the fridge! 

me: your sister took it to her compartment to pack for lunch.

Anna: MOM! that is so not fair, why did you let her take it.  What am I suppose to eat for lunch now?  I’m starving and she took all the food.

me: (rolling my eyes, trying not to laugh about the fact that my younger daughter is distraught over some chicken salad and apparently my older daughter is a thief of huge proportion) Anna, there is some deli meat left over.  Ham, turkey and roast beef are all in the fridge, you can eat some of that.

Anna: Mom.  You know I don’t eat roast beef. 

me: um, ok, eat ham or turkey.

Anna:  Mom.  I want chicken salad and you let Chrisi steal it.

me: (previously unaware of the fact that the chicken salad was “stolen”) well Anna, Chrisi is at work, go down to the compartment and steal it back.

Anna: (brain wheels turning, I can hear it in her voice) ok, I will.

30 minutes late she calls me back to inform me that she was successful in her bid to free the kidnapped chicken salad and return it to it’s rightful place, which in my estimation, seemed to be her tummy.

Later that night I get a phone call from guess who?  You guessed it.  Chrisi is torn up that the chicken salad has been not only relocted but ever last bite has been eaten.  Now she will be starving to death cause she doesn’t have any for lunch.  For two seconds I considered telling Chrisi to just beat the crap out of Anna (literally) and she could have the chicken salad back, but upon further review figured that this would either a) instigate actual physical violence or b) confuse Chrisi so I opted to just offer to make her some more chicken salad of her own. 

Thus … last night, I spent my evening making 2 huge big ole cotton pickin’ bowls of chicken salad and now, the world is at peace once again.


5 Comments on “* chicken (salad) fight! …”

  1. Jodie

    I want some too. Can you make another batch tonight? Pleeeeese!!!

  2. Tish

    Hey-I love Chicken Salad and I have been looking for someone to make me some.
    Found her.

  3. melinda

    how bout i just make another big ole batch and we have a girls night … that is if chrisi and anna don’t eat it all first!

  4. Jodie

    Ok, when are you coming over?

  5. Marjorie Markham

    Just don’t invite them! Then you guys can all chow down.

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