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Um.  I am going to assume, which I do not normally do, that when I start getting phone calls at work, facebook messages and not so subtle emails reminding me that I have fallen off the blogger wagon again that I might should get my act together and update our little ole blog a ma jigger. 

So here’s the truth of it.  I just haven’t had much to say lately.  I’ll pause for a second while you digest that bit of info.  It’s somewhat of a phenomenon, I know.  I talk all the time, mostly about not a dadgum thing of importance to anyone.  I just ramble on and on about whatever or nothing, it typically makes not an iota bit of difference to me, I just keep right on jabbering away.  But not as of late.  I would love to proclaim how incredibly busy I’ve been or how I’ve had all of these marvelous projects going on and I simply could not spare the time to blog … but, that would be a lie, and as much as I love to talk (and write) I suck at lying.  You try growing up with a detective for a dad and a child counselor for a mom, who ran a  bank while she worked her way through college, and you won’t be much of a good liar either.  Lying was pointless at our house, we just learned to never confess to anything that wasn’t already on the table.  I digress … what were we talking about?  Oh yea, we were talking about why I haven’t updated the blog on a daily or even semi daily basis the past month or so.

I’m going to take some advice from a good friend here and just be honest and up front.  I’m not really sure why I haven’t had a lot to say.  Our lives here around the hacienda have taken on a very different shape as of late and life just feels really odd right now.  I told y’all about Richard taking a new job, and so far it’s working out fine, but I miss him being home.  Plus it really limits the amount of funny stuff I have to share with y’all.  Chrisi has started her student teaching and is working about 10 hours a day, thus I don’t see her but a few minutes every few days.  Anna, well, Anna is just Anna.  She has started her 2nd year of college, which she reminds me daily that she hates, she’s working and being her normal social butterfly self, and even though she is still living at our house, I seldom see her.  So that pretty much leaves me and the dogs, and I love our furry family members, and I know y’all love seeing pictures of them from time to time, but I’m not really sure I can gather enough pet substance to keep you interested enough to come back day after day.

I am desperately trying to find things to motivate me.  I am finding that I’m not great with all of this alone time.  I think it’s funny that I’ve spent the last 22 years of my life looking (as Chrisi would say) for a piece of quiet and now I’ve found the entire mother load of piece and quiet and I’m not real sure what to do with it.  I mean, I could be cleaning my closet or scrubbing a toilet, but I’m not that desperate yet.  I have grand notions of projects I could or should start on, but notions are about as far as I’ve gotten with that.  I’ve made a list … I’m a list person.  Now, if I can find the list, we’ll be set.  If you have any great suggestions about how I can occupy myself, that do not include cleaning and or exercising, I’d love to hear them.  This week, I will be working at the fair a couple of nights (working as in passing out election information for my boss, not working as in trying to earn a few extra bucks being a carnie).  It is election time and that’s what we do around here during election time … we politic.  I promise, between now and November 2nd, I will tell you all about it, more than one time.

And now that I have at least attempted to fulfill my duty as your friendly neighborhood blogger, I think I’m going to go finish cleaning my bathroom reading the book I started last night.  If you feel any overwhelming desire to have a dinner guest at your house, please feel free to let me know.   I’m not sure how many nights you can eat fruity pebbles and it not have serious repercussions on your bowels … but, we may find out!


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  1. Jodie

    Please read your e-mail when you get time.

  2. chrisi

    finally a piece of quiet, huh?! :) love you!

  3. Courtney Sloane

    Yay! A new blog post!
    And yay for politicking – as long as it’s for your daddy or your boss we’re on the same side. :)

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