* it’s been a sluggish night …

Posted on October 10th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

I should not be left home alone for any period of time.  It’s not safe.  I resort to odd hobbies. 

warning: the pictures below may be offensive to some viewers or make you throw up.  scroll down at your own risk …

I have a new nemesis and my purpose in life is to dispose of this nemesis as quickly as possible.


Is that not the grossest thing you have ever seen? It is absolutely the grossest thing I’ve seen since the girls stopped pooping their pants and needing booger suckers.

I have to arm myself for battle.  My weapon of choice?

That’s right. SALT.  We don’t have any slug shot (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) so I opted for some good old table salt.  I cannot waste kosher salt on the snails, I’m addicted to it, but that’s entirely different post for another day.

I prepare myself, find my camera, cause I’m warped like that and head out the front door to conquer the evil slimy snake like creature(s) yes, there was more than one.  They give me the eebbie jeebies.  I feel a little sick just thinking about their yuckiness. 

Alas, I go to battle!

I make sure I unload plenty of ammunition upon my target … maybe even a little overkill?

And then I wait.

For about 10 seconds. 

Victory is mine!

And then, I tripped over the stairs, hurling my camera 42 feet in the air, falling face first and tearing the entire top of my big toe nail off. 


ps: i really need a pedicure.


9 Comments on “* it’s been a sluggish night …”

  1. Marjorie Markham

    I hate those things so much I would not even do that to them just because I could not stand to look at it in the morning. However, we did find a snake and its dead and gone.

  2. eric

    just PETA doesn’t get a hold of this.

  3. eric

    REDO – Just Hope PETA doesn’t get a hold of this

    • melinda

      shame on you too.

  4. Tony Jones

    I cannot believe you killed that small helpless creature that was just out trying to make its way in the world. Did you think about its family its friends its poor childern …..oh the humanity of it all……good lord whats next voting republican….I confess I’m in shock

    • melinda

      shame on you.

  5. Tony Jones

    oh and I almost forgot ..Happy Birthday…killer

  6. Jodie

    Ewwwwwwww. You deserve a pedicure after that victory.

  7. Jodie


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