* the horse (not) whisperer …

Posted on November 15th, 2010 by melinda in my not so normal family

Welp my friends … I have some news of the utmost importance.  Hades hath frozen over.  Pigs can now fly and Chrisi willingly went to the barn, fed our horses and helped change Jacks bandages.  Yep, you read that correctly and I have pictures to prove it,of Chrisi in the barn anyway … cause I know absolutely no one on this earth would believe me if I didn’t have pictures! 

This is our barn (do not make fun, we are poor folk and poor folk don’t have big fancy red barns.  Poor folk have converted tobacco barns that serve their purpose just fine). 

Richard and Anna spend lots of time doing barn stuff.  I spend more time doing barn stuff these days than I care to think about.  Chrisi doesn’t do barn stuff … ever.  Until now that is. 

Saturday night, I fixed dinner, she and Jeff came to eat, along with David, Bill and my dad.  After dinner it was time to go feed the animals here at the petting zoo and get Jack all cleaned up and re bandaged for the night.  Anna jokingly asked Chrisi to go help her and Chrisi of course laughed and said “um, no”.  Unbeknownst to miss prissy Chrisi, Jeff really likes horses and was all about going to the barn to help out.  Richard and I kicked back and waited to see just how this was going to play itself out … we knew Jeff would win and Chrisi would be going to the barn, but were very interested in listening to her try to wiggle out of going.  She gave it a great effort, but alas … off the sofa and out the door she went.  I grabbed my camera and out the door the rest of us went.  This is what I walked out to find …

Not only is she now an official barn girl, she goes to the barn in style.  She did put Bentley back in the house so the horses didn’t step on him or mistake him for a fluffy snack.  She and I headed to the pasture and as we walked thru the gate she says “mama, where’s the poop? I don’t wanna step in poop”.  My reply “Christina, sweety, we’re in a pasture, there is poop all over the place and it’s dark out here”.  I was proud, she didn’t go running & screaming back to the house.

Anna put Jeff to work right away.  It took a few more minutes to get Chrisi to come around, but she got there.

Yes, she is holding her nose.  But … she is in a horse stall, near a horse.  We’re making progress.  Before we knew it, her sister had talked her in to actually helping (yet, still holding her nose!) …

I was impressed.  By the way, please note that both of my daughters are extremely fashion conscious, Anna is doing barn work in her pajamas … nice.  Actually, I think those are some pajama bottoms she stole out of Davids camper a couple years back, I bet he won’t want them back now.

Before Chrisi’s night at the barn was over, she literally had the horses eating out of her hand. 

Ok, maybe it was more like she just threw the treats at the horses and squealed that they were trying to eat her fingers off …

Anna tried to explain to Chrisi that if you use some horse voodoo they won’t eat your fingers off … I am pretty certain Chrisi didn’t believe her.  I’m also pretty certain some one needed to go wash their hands immediately.  

Who’s child is that anyway?  You’d think she was raised in a barn. 

She doesn’t appear to have suffered any long term damaging affects from her adventure down to the barn.  I think she may have even had a wee little bit of fun … not that she will be volunteering to help anytime in the near future.


3 Comments on “* the horse (not) whisperer …”

  1. chrisi

    The barn experience wasn’t completely terrible. :)

  2. Marjorie Markham

    Oh Chrisi, just think of all the coming adventures you will have.

  3. Amy Barnes

    Love it!! I’m so proud of you Chrisi Loou 😀 You did an awesome job!

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