* bah hummdiddie hum bug …

Posted on December 18th, 2010 by melinda in Another day in the life of me.

Hi. It’s late Friday night and I had not really intended to blog tonight, we’ve been sort of busy, but here I sit typing anyway and there you sit reading.  I am trying to convince myself to get out of this bah humbug grinch attitude thing I for some reason have going on right now and so far … I haven’t accomplished it. 

I absolutely love the spirit of Christmas.  I love that it’s a time to celebrate the birth of my saviour Jesus Christ.  That alone would be plenty for me, with some time spent with my family and friends that I dearly treasure.  There wouldn’t need to be one gift under the tree to make me happy, no time spent running around like a crazy woman to find the perfect gift that my children can not live without, (mostly because there is nothing they can’t live without and very little that they even need or want).  I find the whole commercialization of this season to be depressing and I feel a deep gap of guilt for feeling that way.  I want to be all cheery and ready to go shopping, but I’m not and don’t anticipate being in the near future, which will inevitably cause me a problem about this time next week. 

Sometimes, I think I dread Christmas simply because I am truly blessed year round.  I have a husband that I love, I have two magnificent daughters , I have a wonderful extended family, a beloved church family and many friends to go along with that.  I have a job and this year Richard has a job too.  I have a warm house and obviously I’m not about to go hungry, heck we even have cable and internet these days at our house.  And when I look at my life and I realize just how much I already have … not the material, but the love, the security, the laughter … it makes me feel overwhelmed to think that I need to add to that for the sake of feeling like I have fulfilled my Christmas duties.

I hope that I fulfill my Christmas duties year round.  That I live my life trying to be a good example of what Christ birth is really all about.  I hope that I have progressed in my personal walk with the Lord and that it is reflected in my attitude, my language and my actions … every day of the year.  I am certainly not perfect, far far from it, and my faith is a continual learning process. 

When I think of Christmas, I don’t get that joyous warm fuzzy feeling of lights and trees and malls … in fact, those things pretty much make me want to jump straight back in my bed, pull the covers over my head and ride out the storm eating little debbie cakes chased with sundrop until the glorious day of December 26th finally arrives.

Are you ready to drive off a cliff now?  I really hope not, I seriously don’t mean to be such a debbie downer about the whole whoopla concerning the holiday.  I am trying, we even watched Elf tonight, which I by the way love.  I graced teh door of one store and bought 1 present.  Baby steps, I know … but I’m getting there.  And this time next week, I will be packing to go to Tennessee for an entire week of fun and relaxation with my family.  Now that, I am excited about! 

If any of the rest of you ever feel overwhelmed or down right during this season, please feel free to chime in so that I know that I’m not the only lunatic in the world who doesn’t want to stand in line for an hour to spend money I don’t really have to buy things we don’t really need just for the sake of feeling normal.    For those of you who have been doing your sweet little jingle bell dance and have all your shopping done bite me please chime in with some Christmas cheer suggeestions, I’d be interested to know exactly what it is I’m not doing correctly. 

Signing off from Whooville, even the grinch needs some beauty rest.


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  1. Marjorie Markham

    I agree. I have a very hard time wanting to buy my adult children who make more money than me a gift just because I am suppose to. I would love to just decorate, and treat it more like Thanksgiving. There is not one thing I will get that I can not live without. There is not one thing I will buy that will make a real difference in 10 min after they open it. Maybe I need some grandchildren and then we all can just spoil that one instead. Have a safe trip to TN. Kayla went over the 10th and now the other 3 have gone over the 17th.

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