* two post in one (the pastor search begins) …

Posted on March 20th, 2011 by melinda in The Church House

After much consideration, I have compiled a list of the top 10 things I think may be more preferable than finding a new preacher …

#1. voluntarily stepping on a scale.

#2. eating sardines

#3. having an enema

#4. having a full body wax job using duct tape

#5. voluntarily watching the entire Saw series of scary movies.

#6. never eating another krispy kreme doughnut.

#7. peeing on an electric fence.

#8. having a root canal.

#9. wearing a bikini in public.

#10. being eaten by a shark.


I wrote that post about 2 weeks ago, I just never posted it.  I’m not sure why, I just didn’t.  Now that we’ve moved a little further along in the pastor selection process, I may have a bit of a different attitude.  I’m still not thrilled that mr. preacher man is ditching leaving us, but I do think I have accepted the inevitable and am moving forward in a positive direction.  We’ve had many a long meeting, we have been in continual prayer for God’s direction in this process and we’ve received many a valuable opinion from our church family.  We’ve had a guest speaker and we have now interviewed a potential pastoral candidate and so far … so good (I say that on our end it was good, I’m not sure if our interviewee felt it went well or not, I will say he and his wife did not run away at a high rate of speed or spin tires going out of the parking lot, which I took as a good sign).  I think we are making progress, I think God is opening doors and asking us to walk thru in blind faith and we’ve been willing, however slowly it may be, to walk thru those doors.  Please continue to remember us in your prayers.  To be specific in that request, pray that we will continue to seek God’s will, not our own personal will, that we will be willing to be open to a challenge if that is what is presented, that we feel unified in our decisions as an entire church and at the end of the process we end up with the person God has already chosen for as our leader.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.


3 Comments on “* two post in one (the pastor search begins) …”

  1. cathy


  2. chrisi

    Several things…
    1. It’s enemal! (Enema combined with animal) The joys of working in a pharmacy…
    2. I’m still not exactly pleased about the ditching.
    3. Eric is still coming back to do my wedding.
    4. Ditto about your post!

    • melinda

      i am so glad to know that something to make me poop at an extremely high rate of speed is combined with the word animal. thank you :)

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