weekend with Emma Joy …

Posted on September 24th, 2011 by melinda in my not so normal family

Hi.  I’m just gonna skip all the apologizing and blah blah blah of why I haven’t blogged in forever and a day, but here I am and I’ve missed y’all terribly! 

So much has been going on around the hacienda, I cannot even begin to catch you up on everything, so I will just highlight the important stuff …

Chrisi is getting married in less than 8 weeks.

Richard is back home, not for a visit, but permanately … I can not tell you how happy that makes his wife.

Mini no longer lives with us, she has a new home and we wish her well.

Our new pastor is not quite right, but we love him and his family.

My computer is still not working, I have hijacked Anna’s but it won’t read my camera card, thus no pictures for now.

Last weekend Richard and I took an unplanned, last minute road trip to see Thad & family in Tennessee.  We had a great time.  It was a short visit but so worth the drive.  We had not seen them since March and I was in need of an Emma Joy fix. 

Emma Joy is the proud new owner of a chihuahua puppy.  She calls the puppy her shhawaawaa, I love it, hearing her say that makes me smile.  Her shhawaawaa’s official name is Cookie Ostrich.  No clue why, but that’s the name she picked so that’s the pups name.

But the funniest thing Emma Joy said this weekend was this … she is 100% convinced that her Nana Joy, my mom, is Dolly Parton.  If you didn’t know my mom, you probably won’t think that is the least bit funny, if you did know her, you probably just either laughed out loud or spit drink on your computer.  There is a logical reason for her thinking Dolly is her Nana.  Each month every child under the age of (I think this is right) 5 receives a free book in the mail from a foundation that Dolly Parton supports called Imagination Library.  They are really nice books and they all have a small, itty bitty, picture of Dolly on the inside cover.  Over the past few years Emma Joy has heard endless tales of how much her Nana loved to read and if she were still here on earth with us, she would buy her books and read to her every single day.  Thus, in the 3 year old brain logic, Emma Joy equates books to Nana and to Dolly, thus … Nana must be Dolly.  Makes complete sense to me!  I do however get tickled every time I think about my mom being confused with Dolly.

I am off to bake some chiken enchiladas for our new contemporary worship service at Mt. Wesley, it’s called Flood and it starts at 5:00 this evening with dinner to follow.  If you aren’t busy, come on out an join us, we’d love to have ya.



6 Comments on “weekend with Emma Joy …”

  1. eric

    i cant believe it. Another post, good to see you back. have a good one

  2. melinda

    hey mr. preacher man! wonders never cease huh? i should’ve added that we will be seeing you, anita & the kids in less than 8 weeks also! we miss you all, hoping you are doing well.

  3. Tish

    Good to hear from you-been missing you

  4. eric

    what you going to be seeing us for?

  5. melinda

    you are going to cause chrisi to have a nervous breakdown & then you will feel terrible! I WILL without a doubt, short of the second coming, see you on Nov. 10th for rehearsal & Nov. 11th for the wedding!

  6. eric

    i may cause her to have a nervous breakdown but i don’t know about the feeling terrible part. We will see you then
    barring any unexpected emergenices.

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