* Legend of “The Devil’s Track”


No, I am not a satanic worshipping, devil loving individual … I live on the edge or bank, as you may call it, of a creek in the foothills of NC called “The Devil’s Track”.  Local legend has it that there is a large rock in the creek with an unidentifiable footprint imbedded within it.  I would assume that for lack of scientific proof or knowledge that the footprint did not match any animal known around these here parts. So naturally, it had to have been made by the devil himself!  Apparantly, as he was tromping through our humble abode in search of souls to steal for his own advancement in the omni present battle of good vs. evil, he managed to get his foot caught in a mushy rock thus creating the infamous “Devil’s Track”.  So, in theory … maybe the devil didn’t really go down to Geogia afterall, maybe he only made it as far south as the NC foothills.  Ya just never know,  I suppose stranger things have happened 😉


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