* My Man



Of all the people in my life, I probably find it  most difficult to write about Richard.  He would be my other, some would say say, better half.  We’ve been together for 11 years, married for 6 of those.  There have been many good times with some difficult ones tossed in.  We do not have a text book or perfect marriage but what we do have is a commitment to each other that has lasted through some tough days.  I will try my best to tell you what I love most about him … he is a good man, he has overcome obstacles in his life when a betting man would’ve bet against him, he is a good father to Chrisi & Anna, he can fix anything that needs fixin’, he doesn’t talk much unless he knows you (he says I talk enough for the both of us, can you imagine?), he’s handsome even when he is covered in dirt or motor oil, which is 90% of the time & he looks hot on his Harley!  If he likes you, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you, if he doesn’t like you, oh well.  He came equipped with the two best in laws a daughter in law could ever ask for.  And last but not least, he is oh so patient, you probably need not ask why if you know me at all.



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