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* Bapa & the 3 little girls …

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by melinda

Do you want to see what happiness looks like?  Would you like to see the definition of spoiled rotten to the core?  Wait … not spoiled rotten, let me phrase that correctly … loved a lot!  How do 3 little girls wrap their Bapa around their fingers? How sweet is that? I’ll tell you how […]

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* Bapa vs. Daddy Thad, round 1 …

Posted on August 18th, 2009 by melinda

Emma Joy loves when her NC family comes to visit.  She gets to learn all sorts of new and important life lessons.  She especially loves when her Bapa feeds her sugar waffers for lunch, but we aren’t talking about that little episode.  Or … maybe we will! This would be Thad, my younger silly brother, tyring to feed Emma […]

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* The singing Nun …

Posted on May 14th, 2009 by melinda

These are a few of my favorite things … I mean people. Hi! What a week it has been. One more day to go thank goodness. I don’t think I’ve been home before 10:00 pm any night this week and I am way to old to be staying out all hours of the night like […]

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